Point Source Near Field Mini-Monitors

Clement Perry

11 June 1998

Do yourself a favor and audition, borrow, or outright buy the Point Source Near Field Mini-Monitors from Audio Finality. You’ll be glad you did because they’re simply that good. And, at $1,899 they may be the steal of the decade in loudspeakers.

The Point Source is a 14" tall pyramid section shaped stand mounted loudspeaker that uses a single 5" driver to cover the full audio spectrum (40Hz – 20kHz). Therefore, it uses no crossover at all and is directly coupled to the amplifier driving it. The critical midrange comes out the winner, thanks in part to the lack of crossover produced distortions. These little babies are also first class when it comes to imaging, focus and transparency. They’re surprising in the bass too, seemingly defying logic when you hear what these little sweethearts can put out.

Auditioning this speaker driven by a fully balanced Krell 600 was something else. They seemed to fill the whole room much like the Genesis II speakers (that also occupied the listening room at the time), except that the imaging specificity was tighter, sharper, and more defined. The Point Sources just disappeared completely. (In fact, when in front of the immense Genesis II’s, the Point Source nearly disappeared even without music playing)!

This is a design that demands some serious listening.