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Audio Cafe sponsored a panel discussion entitled "In The Age Of Cultural Diversity, How Can The Specialized Audio Industry Market Its Products More Successfully?"

Hosted by Audio Cafe's creative director, Marko Suvajdzic, and seated from left to right are: Jim Geheran, of Jim Geheran Consulting Firm, Stereo Times' very own Jason Serinus, Marianne Giorgio, editor of Audio Video Interiors, myself, Eric Angelo CEO, Groove, and lastly Eric de Fontenay, Publisher of Tag It ( Questions were aimed primarily at the specialty audio industry. Questions like; where's it going, why isn't it so widespread, demographics, and why aren't there enough minorities involved? Enlightening is the operative word to use describing how I felt when we all had our say. Hopefully, something was done. Hey, at least we had the opportunity to be heard!


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Panel Discussion