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Bybee Technologies Golden Goddess Super Effect Speaker Bullets
A refreshingly new approach to an old problem


September 2007


Bybee Technologies Golden Goddess series Super Effect Speaker Bullets (hereafter SES Bullets), their newest and latest offering, which got my nod in our annual Most Wanted Component Award” category this spring, didn’t win easily. Bybee products were among the first reviewed when Stereo Times launched on the World Wide Web in spring of ‘99, so I was in somewhat of a “been-there-done-that” state of mind when it came to SES Bullets. It was music lover and longtime audiophile Dr. Jim Langham’s adamant assertion that “...musically, you won’t believe what you’re missing” that got my antennas up.

Peering into my closet, I found the old Bybees and tweaks that I had almost completely forgotten about. Holding the True Dimensional Sound (TDS) passive black box that I reviewed back in ’98, I was flooded with fond memories. Resting right next to the TDS, so dusty I could hardly read the names, were both the Harmonic Recovery System and the Audio Harmony Enhancement device, two interesting black boxes of the same ilk. Bill Steirhout’s Quantum Products were remarkable for their time. And, oh my, here’s an Ortho Spectrum Analogue Reconstructor reviewed back in 2000...

Reminiscing over these products revealed a common theme: Their main objective was to improve harmonics by reducing noise. However, I think they produced as many, if not more, problems than they aimed to fix. As a reviewer, my ever-evolving audio system allowed for constant evaluation, thus providing legitimate reasons why certain products should wind up in the closet. Furthermore, when I would attempt to reintroduce the TDS, HRS, Audio Harmony or Bybee Quantum Interconnects back into a more sophisticated setup, these products seemed to get in the way of the music, muffling energy and transient snap, or sounding overly colored.

Of these, the only product that continues to provide the same excellent sonic results as it did when I first installed and reviewed it back in ‘99—regardless of ever-evolving system changes—is the Argent Audio Room Lens and the Tact 2.2XP room correction preamplifier I first purchased back in ’98.

Could the new Bybee SES Bullets prove to be different from the many retired devices in my closet?

Jack Bybee, a retired physicist whose background includes developing top secret sonar for the Navy, has over the past dozen or so years, earned the respect of audiophiles around the world with his Quantum Purifiers. As I said, my first encounter with them was back in ’97, and with quite impressive results. I continued to use the Quantum Purifiers happily for many months, until the day I experimented taking them out of the loop. I immediately preferred the added high-frequency air and bloom with the Bybees out. I never put them back in my system.

The Bybee web site states, In 2003 there were breakthrough developments concerning the theoretically ideal materials and physical form needed to optimize noise reduction and electron flow through the signal path. Advances in materials science and fabrication technology have resulted in a unique new carbon fiber-based Quantum Purifier with electron noise reduction and electron Slipstream transmission properties that are distinctly audible and visible, and superior to Jack Bybee’s earlier developments. The Bybee Slipstream Quantum Purifier represents the Quantum Purifier concept taken to the limit.”

Before I had a chance to talk with Jack Bybee about this 'new technology’ I wrote it off as marketing hype. Having already experienced Bybee products, one thing I was certain of: I wanted nothing to do with any device going between my loudspeakers and cables. I spoke at length with Jack Bybee about his newest product, and he offered this explanation of what the SES Bullets actually do: “[They] significantly curb 1(f) (one-over-F-noise); a peculiar type of noise phenomena that greatly affects low-level frequency reproduction among other things. The SES Bullets were specifically designed to reduce this type of noise.”

Why Speaker Bullets? Bybee’s extensive research revealed that the closer the SES Bullets are placed to the loudspeaker, the better (though I have an AC power-cord in prototype form that is quite impressive as well so far). Bybee says that the SES Bullets are built: part Quantum Purifiers, part nanotechnology, part gold and part providence (The idea to design the SES Bullets came to Jack Bybee while receiving a medical check-up. Since Bybee will never reveal how his products really work I think part voodoo is apropos).

Physically, the SES Bullets are about 5-inches long and no bigger round than one's thumb, making their asking price of $4,200 a bit difficult to fathom without hearing them. Using the popular Eichmann 5-way plastic binding posts, with optional silver spade or banana connectors at the speaker end, gives SES Bullets a well-built appearance. A set (4) of individual “Bullets” attached to the positive and negative leads of your speaker cable proved an easy installation. If you’re bi-wiring, well, you’re going to need two sets and thus, your price $8,400.00!! If you're one of the rare breeds – as I am - who have a tri-amped system, add yet another $4,200.00.

Sonic Impressions
Break-in is a necessary evil and the SES Bullets are no exception. I wouldn’t recommend serious listening before putting on at least 150 hours, though I admit to getting results within 72 hours. In some systems the results could be even shorter.

The most dramatic improvement I noticed after break in was the noise-floor - I did not hear - drop dramatically further into oblivion (believing it was already taken cared of with the Audience Adept Response AC conditioner and Sunny Cable Supreme “THE BOX” 6-AC receptacle). The amount of low frequency noise that managed to get through without the SES Bullets was absolutely disconcerting. Electrical grunge, whether caused by cables, front-end components, amplifiers and or loudspeakers was replaced by a far more natural and rhythmic presentation, to such an extent it called to mind Jim Langham’s emphatic “...musically, you won’t believe what you’re missing.”

SES Bullets work like a squeegee on clear glass except they remove both the dirt and the glass. Music as a result is rendered with a greater sense of natural realism which at first blush actually sounds unusual. On every recording I played the SES Bullets markedly developed bass information through its transient response, pitch and spatial acuity. The terms rhythmic and harmonic integrity continually crept into my subconscious. I can’t emphasize this enough. Through these improvements, I’m given the rare opportunity to hear the ultra complex subtleties in and behind each instrumental solo in relation to each other.

To remove low-level noises I never thought were there in the first place proved quite a humbling experience in a system boasting the electronics employed. This alone makes the SES Bullets unbelievable considering their diminutive mass. The SES Bullets appealed more to the music lover than the reviewer in me. They had me going through many sleepless nights trying to find something wrong. I could not. Thus far, I’m quite impressed considering I would’ve never believed this level of sonic enhancement was possible in the first place. Talk about guilty pleasures.


Voices are most delicate instruments. Singers like Cassandra Wilson, Dianne Reeves, Andy Bey and Nnenna Freelon are among the best of the modern day lot. Whether it’s Andy Bey’s singing Billy Strayhorn standards or Dianne Reeves’ swinging through the songs of Billie Holiday, in each case the increase in rhythmic and harmonic rightness via the SES Bullets proved significant, yet again.

Dynamics, whether the snap or pluck of a bass string from Victor Wooten, Brian Bromberg or Gary Peacock or the powerful kickdrum of Elvin Jones, Roy Haynes, or Jack DeJohnnett, were perceived with greater tautness, pitch and definition—giving new meaning to the term bass control. The SES Bullets removal of harshness and glare allowed me to listen much louder than usual with a remarkable sense of ease— the last thing the gigantic Dali Megalines needed.

The next thing of course was to take these SES Bullets on the road to see how they would sound in other setups. ST writers, Greg Petan, Dennis Parham, Key Kim and Moreno Mitchell all  boast very respectable setups. Collectively, we’ve listened to a lot of equipment that would easily qualify as world-class. That said, each wholeheartedly agreed the SES Bullets were at the very least remarkable. As in my system, the harmonic rightness of their individual setups improved noticeably with the SES Bullets. To be fair, there was a sixth reviewer who did find the price-versus-performance ratio too high and returned his set with a full refund. This was the single exception. Everyone else purchased theirs.

David Lalin of The Audio Doctor, a high-end retailer whose residence is directly across the street from mine (which can be a blessing and a curse depending on business) has a plethora of products in his possession. Trying the Bybees out there would be an interesting affair considering the many combinations he’s got lying around. After dropping a set of SES Bullets off for his evaluation against a myriad of electronics Lalin, in about a week, stated “you’re right Perry, these things are friggin’ amazing.”

Are the SES Bullets for you?
If you find yourself spending more time writing about the virtues of your system on Internet forums than you actually listen, OR, find yourself always looking for a deal (any deal) that seems a bargain, then the SES Bullets are not for you. However, if you’ve established a system that brings you countless hours of enjoyment and the last thing you want to do is disrupt its communicative spirit, then you are the perfect candidate...providing you wouldn’t bat an eyelash investing in them.

It wouldn’t hurt to have an open mind also because, if the SES Bullets sound too good to be true based on this rave review, trust me, I didn’t want to believe Dr. Langham either. Despite the fact his reference system is only one of the most sophisticated, boasting the $250k 110-dB efficient, horn based Magico Ultimate loudspeakers. Dr. Langhams predilection for fine and cultured world music rivals mine so I trust he’s a music lover first with a purists heart…and a tycoons pocketbook. You’d think with a system composed of such world-class hardware as his (while mine isn’t too shabby either), the last thing you’d want to hear about is some gizmo that is supposed to improve its sound. Yet, here I am explaining to you exactly that!

The SES Bullets are perhaps one of the greatest sonic surprises to happen since I took possession of the world's first Nova Physics Memory Player and its legend continually grows with each sale despite all the non-believers.

Fact is, $4,200.00 is a lot of moolah, but based solely on what I heard the SES Bullets do in more than six individual setups, I would qualify them as a bargain. Worst case scenario is if the SES Bullets don’t work you get a 30-day, money back guarantee. What they did in my system far exceeded all my expectations. Most importantly, the SES Bullets single-handedly took my beloved Dali Megalines, Nova Physics Memory Player and Behold electronics up a couple of notches in performance by further revealing their capabilities.  And, by the way, the SES Bullets are far less expensive than any of these products. 

Will the SES Bullets end up in my closet too? For comparisons sake, each of the writers aforementioned had taken the SES Bullets in and out numerous times, and each time the SES Bullets were placed returned back to active duty. Unless someone makes a product that outperforms the SES Bullets, I don’t foresee retiring them to the closet any time soon. I've had them up and running for a little more than five months and can't envision living without them. Sonically, the SES Bullets  improved my system in a way I didn’t think was possible. I owe Dr. Jim Langham a big THANKS for pulling my arm on this one. Needless to say, Jack Bybee’s Golden Goddess series Super Effect Speaker Bullets earned my highest recommendation: Publisher's Choice 2007!



Golden Goddess Super Effect Speaker Bullets: One Set (4):Price $4,200.00

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