Here's photos of a system I heard while attending the Denver Rocky Mountain Audio Fest last year. This system is composed of famous Quad electrostatic loudspeakers and Tact electronics. This system reminds me in many ways of Ralph Glasgal's Ambiophonic system here in NJ.


I enjoyed the workmanship that surrounded making this room. This room was designed and built by the owner with incredible craftsmanship considering all the walls are made of acoustic treatments/paneling. In addition, the floor bass busters were also designed by this individual (who prefers to remain anonymous).


There's my man Buffer of Laufer Teknik who accompanied me on this trip doing his usual in-depth examination (autopsy is perhaps a better word).


The owner of this system is shown attempting to explain the use of floor bass busters...


Using the entire rear wall as an enclosure, three 12" woofers were installed at about 4' off the floor. This, to me, looked very unusual and is the first time I've seen anything quite like this.


Located in a closet and in the adjoining room were four Tact S2150 amplifiers draped in a specially treated paper that is aimed at reducing EMI/RFI. 


A Windows based music server was used as a reference player.


Two Apogee Big Bens were used in conjunction with two 2.2XPs. The Panasonic player was on hand to handle hi-rez material if necessary.


Sound quality had to be among the most disappointing this listener has heard in a high-end stereo based home. The intense levels of noise and what sounded to me like, digital distortions were so high, I never really got the chance to close my eyes and have a listen. This constant assault on my senses,  sounding like the wrong digital algorithm had been selected, ruined my chance to hear anything. I mentioned this after no one else seemed to notice and was told everything had been carefully selected and listened to before Buffer and I arrived. Needless to say, to my complete surprise. I thought this poor man, who had spent years getting this incredible room to meet his needs, was incapable of hearing the faults that were painfully obvious. In the end, I endured the rest of the evening and just spent the time wondering how could someone as obviously talented as this gentleman of man, not hear and even defend his system despite the incredibly high levels of distortions I heard immediately. So much so, I took these photos but promised to never mention or share this experience publicly. To this day, I still cringe when I look at these photos.